Modernize IT

These are the important steps in IT modernization.


PRELIMINARIES Develop a plan Using an architectural approach, plot out the systems, processes and job categories that you need to modernize. Prioritize them so that you can tackle them in manageable increments.

1. Assess and inventory your IT systems; identify those that need to be replaced

2. Remember to consider licensing expenses and whether a product is still inside a support window in deciding which to update.

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Is cleaning computer fan improve performance?

When we send our computer or laptop to computer shop for maintenance, sometimes we will get recommendations to clean the fan with the reason of to improve the performances.  I received a call from a friend asking for my opinion on this, and I straight away answered it no. Moments later, I started to ask myself back whether I gave her the right answer because as far as I understand, cleaning the fan will only improve the heat, from overheating whatsoever.

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Leaky cable – Wifi signal using cable

Recently a friend of mine shared a new technology installed at his office that really caught my attention. The technology is called leaky cable. It is a coaxial cable that has small sections of its copper shielding stripped away to allow radio frequency (RF) signals to escape. The radio signal is emitted through those slots to communicate with other devices, providing a stable limited-range communication area around the cable. 

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