Server uptime

When you are owning a server, a virtual private server or a dedicated server, you sure would want to know the availability of the server on the internet and how long it has been running.

One of the command to check this is called uptime. This command only works on unix or linux operating system.

To display the system uptime, invoke the command without any options ::

type uptime

The output will show something like this :

22:20:33 up 620 days, 22:37, 1 user, load average: 0.03, 0.10, 0.10

22:20:33 is the current system time.
up 620 days, 22:37 is the length of time the system has been up.
1 user is the number of logged in users.
load average: 0.03, 0.10, 0.10 are system load averages for the past 1, 5, and 15 minutes.

The load average on Linux can be a little confusing. Unlike other operating systems that shows CPU load averages, Linux is showing system load averages.

System load average measurement of the number of jobs that are currently running or waiting for disk I/O. It basically tells you how busy your system has been over the given interval.

If the load averages are 0.0, then the system is mostly idle. If the load average for the past 1 minute is higher than the 5 or 15-minute averages, then the load is increasing, otherwise, the load is decreasing. The load average increases due to higher CPU consumption, disk workload.

The -p, –pretty option tells uptime to display the output in a pretty format:

uptime -p

The output will show only how long the system has been running:

up 1 year, 36 weeks, 4 days, 23 hours, 15 minutes

The -s, –since option shows the date and time since the system is up:

uptime -s

Hope this helps.

Email spam on Office 365

If your company has moved to Office 365 as a hosted email solution, your email is being hosted in a Microsoft Data Centre and most likely being filtered using Microsofts Exchange Online Protection (EOP). Although the Office 365 spam filter offers a
reasonable level of security, some businesses find it basic and lacking when it comes highly-sophisticated cyber threats especially advanced and persistent spear phishing attacks.

With this approach, security is not dependent on any single layer, especially in the event of an attack. Office 365 offers 2 levels of email security, “Exchange Online Protection” and “Advanced Threat Protection” for a protection level in the low-middle of the market, according to an SE Labs study, “Email-hosted protection” published in August 2017. As email security experts with over 20 years’ experience, we know new malware can penetrate the usual email filtering mechanisms. It has long been the case that older email protection technologies, like analysis reputation and fingerprinting, are no longer effective against the evolution of these threats.

More details at

Is someone spying on you?

Everyday personal data is stolen in criminal cyber attacks. A large part of the stolen information is subsequently made public on Internet databases, where it serves as the starting point for other illegal activities.

With the HPI Identity Leak Checker, it is possible to check whether your email address, along with other personal data (e.g. telephone number, date of birth or address), has been made public on the Internet where it can be misused for malicious purposes.

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Def Gab C – Inilah Harapanku (Lyric)

Dan irama membisik, lalu kabus terurai
yang datang bersama semalam…
kita yang bertali, oh ikatan indah pengikat asmara.
jangan airmata kau berikan aku penghilang dahaga…
Sayu telah melambai harapan ku yang hilang
masih setia kau padaku
berkali berulang cerita yang sama
yang aku lakukan
cuma ada harapan darimu itu
membuatku rindu.
kuulang kepulangan ku nanti
dengan harapan bukan sangsi
kaki ku melangkah menghala kearah
apa dihatimu ku tahu penuh seksa
*hilang, hilang masa yang lalu
bagai kau menelan hempedu
hanya pahit yang mengubati…
harapanku ini…
senandungkan perjalanan kita ini
dengan sinaran yang menanti
tak kulupakan perkara yang silam
yang kita tinggalkan

Guitar chord –

1 2 3 9