“You can’t access this shared folder because your organization’s security policies block unauthenticated guest access”

Have you ever see this kind of error message before? I did this morning when I tried to access one of the shared folder in our network. I am very sure I did not do anything on any setting and this error suddenly just came up. Tried to troubleshoot, reset network settings, spent hours on it but all seems does not work out. Decided to google it, found one of the solution as per below and finally fixed it.

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Modernize IT

These are the important steps in IT modernization.


PRELIMINARIES Develop a plan Using an architectural approach, plot out the systems, processes and job categories that you need to modernize. Prioritize them so that you can tackle them in manageable increments.

1. Assess and inventory your IT systems; identify those that need to be replaced

2. Remember to consider licensing expenses and whether a product is still inside a support window in deciding which to update.

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