Teamviewer free limits, commercial use suspected

For system administrator like me, remote support is very important. Software such as Remote Desktop, Teamviewer and VNC are some of the most widely use. I myself prefer Teamviewer simply due to its connection features able to bypass firewalls.

Teamviewer is free for personal use. For commercial use, it require license and it cost a lot. But trust me, it worth it. As I am not afford to buy it at the moment, I have to rely on the free version to ease my works. There are limits on the free version, such as time of usage. And if you are not lucky, you may get caught and suspected using it as commercial. And this will get you a lot of popup warnings and worse is a 5 minute usage limit.

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Online tutorial

I planned to create few pages of online tutorials for certifications such as those from Comptia, Microsoft and CCNA. This is for my own reference as well. Details includes are information on all chapters, exam fees and so on. The pages already available on the main menu. It will be a great project. Stay tuned!