CCRIS Online or eCCRIS

Few weeks ago, Bank Negara Malaysia (BNM) announced that we now can easily check our CCRIS record online. Meaning that we do not need to go to BNM each time we need to request it. It is now available from their website.

I managed to register it last week. The registration was very simple, pretty much the same like we did for our Maybank2u or CIMBClicks. All we need is a registered and active mobile number, and it is a one time registration. Means that we just need to go to BNM to register the mobile number, then you can download the CCRIS record online for the rest of your life.

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Website moved, again! Now at Ramnode

That’s right. I moved the server that hosted this website again. This time back to Europe, to my all-time favourite provider, RamNode. The server is now located at Alblasserdam, Netherlands. I had no issue on the migration at all, thanks to the power of WordPress. The server is very impressive as well. A very fast one, just as fast as I host here at Aims KL.

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Difference between “dateline” and “deadline”

Honestly, I never get it right when it comes to using these words. Most of the time I used dateline, and now I know it was wrong. But I believe most of us did not realize it either.

What is the difference between dateline and deadline?

Dateline is the day and time something happened, most often a news report, for example “Dateline Friday, June 26, 2015 at 10:00 a.m., the U.S. Supreme Court has announced that same-sex marriage is required by the Constitution.”

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