Is someone spying on you?

Everyday personal data is stolen in criminal cyber attacks. A large part of the stolen information is subsequently made public on Internet databases, where it serves as the starting point for other illegal activities.

With the HPI Identity Leak Checker, it is possible to check whether your email address, along with other personal data (e.g. telephone number, date of birth or address), has been made public on the Internet where it can be misused for malicious purposes.

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Def Gab C – Inilah Harapanku (Lyric)

Dan irama membisik, lalu kabus terurai
yang datang bersama semalam…
kita yang bertali, oh ikatan indah pengikat asmara.
jangan airmata kau berikan aku penghilang dahaga…
Sayu telah melambai harapan ku yang hilang
masih setia kau padaku
berkali berulang cerita yang sama
yang aku lakukan
cuma ada harapan darimu itu
membuatku rindu.
kuulang kepulangan ku nanti
dengan harapan bukan sangsi
kaki ku melangkah menghala kearah
apa dihatimu ku tahu penuh seksa
*hilang, hilang masa yang lalu
bagai kau menelan hempedu
hanya pahit yang mengubati…
harapanku ini…
senandungkan perjalanan kita ini
dengan sinaran yang menanti
tak kulupakan perkara yang silam
yang kita tinggalkan

Guitar chord –

Migrating from software-based firewall to hardware-based firewall

Currently I am using a software-based firewall, the PfSense. All is good since we starts use it since almost 10 years now, due there were few issues and limitations.

And it is time to get some changes, which I aimed to have it on a hardware-based firewall.

Before I proceed further, let’s take a quick glance on the differences between these type of firewalls, as well as the advantages and disadvantages.

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“You can’t access this shared folder because your organization’s security policies block unauthenticated guest access”

Have you ever see this kind of error message before? I did this morning when I tried to access one of the shared folder in our network. I am very sure I did not do anything on any setting and this error suddenly just came up. Tried to troubleshoot, reset network settings, spent hours on it but all seems does not work out. Decided to google it, found one of the solution as per below and finally fixed it.

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