Hacked website report

Sucuri Blog has released its quarter report on hacked website for 2016. The report only focus on the top 4 Contents Management System (CMS), which are WordPress, Joomla, Drupal and Magento. Wordpress continues to be the most infected ones, and most of it involves on plugins installed on the platform. Good thing is WordPress saw a 1% decrease in out-of-date core software and infected websites, while Drupal had a 3% increase. Joomla! and Magento website deployments continue to show the most out of date instances of any platform.

Full report can be accessed here : https://blog.sucuri.net/2016/09/hacked-website-report-2016q2.html

Google Adsense

I finally received my first Google Adsense payment yesterday. Actually they tried to pay me through Western Union since about 6 months ago but I did not noticed it. I didn’t open the Adsense email for ages as I was very busy with my work stuff. There was an option to get the payment by wire transfer to bank account, which I decided to change to that. The next day, I received an email from them notifying that they had sent again the payment. I did a quick check on my bank account, and it is in. That was fast.

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New server at AIMS KL

After a disappointing experience with this provider in the US for the past few months, I have decided to move back my website to Malaysia. I found that Exabytes has a good and cheap package for a small VPS that is hosted at AIMS Kuala Lumpur. Though there were misleading information at their website regarding the package and pricing, I am happy with the performance of the server now. Let’s see how it goes.

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Kod gitar lagu cinta tiga segi

Saja up balik post ni sebab pernah dapat rangking kat google tak lama dulu. Test power naik balik ke tak. Apa pun lagu ni tetap steady.

Em                        D
Bertahun sudah ku menunggu dirimu
B7                        Em
akhirnya kau menjadi milik ku
Em                         D
sukarnya untuk ku melupakan mu
B7                         Em
kerna kau ku cintai selalu

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