24 Tips to service your car

Car maintenance

Recently I found a very informative articles in Facebook about tips in servicing our car. It is however in Bahasa Malaysia. I was thinking of doing a quick copy and paste in here but than I thought why not I just translate or write it in English. It would be good for my unique contents. I will still give credits to the article owner.

So here it goes.

  1. Oil engine
  2. Oil filter
  3. Spark plug
  4. Car battery
  5. Timing belt
  6. Clutch plat
  7. Fuel filter
  8. Air filter
  9. ATF – Automatic Transmission Fluid
  10. Oil gear
  11. Break and power steering fluid
  12. Radiator coolant
  13. Aircond or Altenator belt

Source : Shit, I lost the owner link. This is originally taken from Facebook.