Server status

The new server seems to be very unstable, with an average of 6 to 9 minutes of downtime almost everyday as recorded by the uptime service tracker. This is not cool at all, though the ISP seems to be very reliable during my previous subscriptions. I could not find the root cause of it and also could not find a time to ask their technical about it.

Looks like I need to review the options for the next renewal. BudgetVM is having a very competitive price available right now, with a very good package too. Same goes with ChicagoVPS.

Hello world!

Yeah, hello world! is now back with everything new. New theme, new contents, new server.

First of all, I have moved my server from the previous location and provider, which is Amsterdam, Netherland provided by RamNode. The server is now located at Las Vegas USA, powered by FranTech. This could be on temporary basis until I have the time to plan on my next project.

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