How to install Virtualmin on CentOS

Due to the recent price increasing of cPanel license, a lot of hosting provider looks for other alternatives. One of those alternatives is Virtualmin. Virtualmin is a fully featured open source web hosting control panel that allows us to run multiple websites on the same server. Virtualmin consumes a small amount of disk space (less than 1GB) and supports CentOS, Debian, and Ubuntu without any extra complication. It has a friendly web based GUI for server and account management. Furthermore it respects the package manager of your chosen OS and allows you to make configuration changes outside of Virtualmin without overwriting them.

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Most reliable hosting company July 2019

In July 2019 Rackspace had the most reliable hosting company site, with no failed requests and an average connection time of 5ms. Rackspace offers a range of managed dedicated and cloud hosting solutions from data centres in North and South America, Europe, Asia and Australasia. In the past six months, Rackspace has had the most reliable hosting company site three times and been in the top 10 each month.

Bigstep, ServerStack and Pair Networks complete the top four, each responding to all of Netcraft’s requests in July. These companies are therefore ranked by their average connection time. Bigstep offers “bare metal” cloud hosting to provide the flexibility of cloud hosting but without the associated overhead and performance reductions of virtualization.

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Installing WordPress on CentOS webserver

Recently I had my Jetpack plugin going loco and I could not find the way to fix it. So I decided to reinstall it WordPress. Since I have not renewed my cPanel license for months and I do not want to renew it just because I want to use Softaculous, I decided to reinstall WordPress manually. It has been a while and the installation went well as instructed.

Here is how I do it :

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New server at AIMS KL

After a disappointing experience with this provider in the US for the past few months, I have decided to move back my website to Malaysia. I found that Exabytes has a good and cheap package for a small VPS that is hosted at AIMS Kuala Lumpur. Though there were misleading information at their website regarding the package and pricing, I am happy with the performance of the server now. Let’s see how it goes.

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