Changing Onedrive ownership in Office 365

So today I have a user leaving the company and need his documents in OneDrive to be transferred to the new guys taking over his place. After google, I believe the only way doing this (besides manually) is by changing the ownership of the user in OneDrive and transfer the files through web browser or the OneDrive business client.

The work flow is :

As global admin, go to the SharePoint admin center, grant the owner permission of the departing user’s personal site to the person who takes over their work. You can also use the departing user’s user account to grant owner permission in his or her personal site.

Log into SharePoint admin center :  Click Admin > SharePoint in the header, and then on theSharePoint admin center page, click user profiles.

Click Manage User Profiles under People section.

Search and find the user, check the user account name, select the Manage site Collection owners.

On the Site collection owners, add your account under Site Collection Administrators, click OK.

After doing that, the person can manage the files on the departing user’s documents in the OneDrive for business library.

To move the files, please find the following ways:
Way 1: Video: Copy or move library files by using Open with Explorer.

Way 2: Sync the two users’ OneDrive for business libraries to the local with OneDrive for business client, and them copy or move files between the local OneDrive for business folder.