Choosing cloud storage

I had my 1TB Onedrive running out of space this morning, with no option to upgrade. Been using Onedrive for the past 10 years, and it has been great. Have few other options that I might want to consider as well. Sharing here are things that you also might want to look into when choosing a cloud storage.

For me, the most important  thing is the privacy policy. Though most of the providers provide policies, I would like to know what information they collect, what they do with it, how they handles the files, what they know about it, where my data is stored or processed, how long the data is stored after deleting an account, and to who they share the information.

The second should be the location of the storage data center. Most provider do not offer choice of data regions, except PCloud and few other more.

The third will be files encryption. Encryption as a feature will be convenient to keep your files from unauthorized access. Not even the employees of the cloud storage service can access the contents of your file—which will let you store some confidential files with peace of mind.

Next is 2FA. It is a very important features nowadays. 

Also important is file versioning. With this feature, even if you overwrite a file with some latest changes, you can bring back the older version in case you ever need it.

The last one would be backp retention. Though I use cloud storage as a back-up solution, I would like to know how they back up the data for protection and if they let me restore files from history.

The other factors that you guys might want to consider are the sync client/application, support and also space limits. But there might depends on individual needs.