File in Use – {filename] is locked for editing by {username}.

File in Use – {filename] is locked for editing by {username}. Open ‘Read-Only” or click “Notify to receive notification when the document is no longer in use.”

Received a complaint on this error yesterday. Managed to solved it after a quick google. Apparently someone forgot to close the file and did not even noticed it. So how you going to trace it between almost 50 users?

Here is one of the solution.

With admin access, search for mmc, which will show Microsoft Management Console. Enter into it.

Go to File, and select Add/Remove Snap-in.

In the list of “Available snap-ins“, select “Shared Folders“, then select “Add” to add it to the “Selected snap-ins” list.

Then, “Select the computer you want the snap-in to manage“. If you are logged in on the server where the locked Excel file resides, choose “Local computer“. If you are logged in at a different computer, select “Another computer“, then type or Browse to the server where the Excel file resides.

In the view section, select Open Files. You can see the list of files from there and sort it accordingly.

Once you find the file, just right hand click and close it. You are done.

Now the other person can open and edit the file.

Have a try. Good luck!