Network cabling – straight and cross cable

So recently I had to do my own network cabling, have not doing it for years. Screwed the first cable but managed to do it perfectly on the rest.

Therefore, as usual I will share a bit on how I do it.

But first of all, you need to have these prepared :

  1. The ethernet cable (cat 5, cat 5e or cat6)
  2. Bulk RJ45 Crimpable Connectors
  3. RJ-45 Crimping tool

Generally, there are two type of network cables that we should know. The first one is straight cable. Straight cable can be used to connect a computer to a switch/hub’s normal port, to a cable/DSL modem’s LAN port. It can also be used to connect a router’s WAN port to a cable/DSL modem’s LAN port, to a switch/hub’s uplink port. (normally used for expanding network) and to connect 2 switches/hubs with one of the switch/hub using an uplink port and the other one using normal port.

This is how a straight cable look like. And it must have the same color arrangement.

The other cable is a cross cable, usually used to connect 2 computers directly, connect a router’s LAN port to a switch/hub’s normal port. (normally used for expanding network) or connect 2 switches/hubs by using normal port in both switches/hubs.

This is how cross cable look like, with both side must have the following different color.

So these are the most important thing that you need to know. I will write on how to do the cabling later on but I can say it is very easy. There are also tons of tutorials in the youtube. Or you can view it here