Mail (Microsoft Outlook 2013) applet in control panel is not opening

Recently Microsoft has released an update (June 2016) for its Microsoft Office 2013 products. The update caused the Mail Applet in the control panel to stop working. At the moment, Microsoft is still looking for the solution for this, and has released a temporary solution, which is to revert back to previous version and prevent from updating it to the newest version.

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Remove header image in Twenty Eleven WordPress theme

Currently I am using the basic theme for WordPress, which is Twenty Eleven. It is clean and easy to maintain. I like it better without the header image. I remember last time we can remove the header image at the theme options but I could not find it anymore in the latest WordPress version. So to do it manually, we need to edit some coding.

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OneDrive for business client

For those using Onedrive for business client, I noticed that it is still not compatible with the latest version of Office 2016. I have been googling around and could not find any solution to have it installed together with Office 2016.

At the moment, the only option I have is by downgrading the Office 2016 back to Office 2013. Hopefully Microsoft will release a fix real soon. We can see people have been complaining about this since last year.

Changing Onedrive ownership in Office 365

So today I have a user leaving the company and need his documents in OneDrive to be transferred to the new guys taking over his place. After google, I believe the only way doing this (besides manually) is by changing the ownership of the user in OneDrive and transfer the files through web browser or the OneDrive business client.

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