New server at AIMS KL

After a disappointing experience with this provider in the US for the past few months, I have decided to move back my website to Malaysia. I found that Exabytes has a good and cheap package for a small VPS that is hosted at AIMS Kuala Lumpur. Though there were misleading information at their website regarding the package and pricing, I am happy with the performance of the server now. Let’s see how it goes.

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Remove header image in Twenty Eleven WordPress theme

Currently I am using the basic theme for WordPress, which is Twenty Eleven. It is clean and easy to maintain. I like it better without the header image. I remember last time we can remove the header image at the theme options but I could not find it anymore in the latest WordPress version. So to do it manually, we need to edit some coding.

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OneDrive for business client

For those using Onedrive for business client, I noticed that it is still not compatible with the latest version of Office 2016. I have been googling around and could not find any solution to have it installed together with Office 2016.

At the moment, the only option I have is by downgrading the Office 2016 back to Office 2013. Hopefully Microsoft will release a fix real soon. We can see people have been complaining about this since last year.