Reset Windows 7 password without third party software

Previously I have posted on how to reset admin or user password without using any third party software for Windows Server 2008. You can view it here. Now I am going to show how to reset the same on Windows 7. It is slightly different.

  1. First, we need to get the Windows to be not properly shutdown. To do this, just simply power it off when it is entering Windows until you see Windows Error Recovery Message on start up. Choose Launch Startup Repair (Recommended).
  2. Windows will start to repair it automatically. Just wait until it say itĀ give an error message saying it cannot repair it. From the window, you will see an option to see view the problem details. Click on it and look for a .text file of privacy statement. It will open the file in notepad.
  3. On the notepad, click File, change the file type to All Files andĀ locate the file sethc.exe at D:\Windows\System32 and rename it to backup.
  4. Next it copy the file cmd.exe and rename it to sethc.exe.
  5. Restart the PC until you see the login page. Press shift button 5 times or Windows key + U until you see the command prompt. Type net user to see the user list.
  6. Type net user administrator * to reset the password. Now you can log in to the admin profile.

Sometimes, the administrator profile might not enable so the option to log in to the profile will not appear at the login page. To enable this, go to the command prompt again, and type :

net user administrator /active:yes

Restart and you will see the administrator profile. To disable it, type :

net user administrator /active:no