Ways to improve your router performance

By default, any router should perform the way we expected. And if it does not, there are few ways we can try before thinking of replacing it with a new one.

These are the usual tricks that I always do on routers :

  • Reboot, or if you find to do it by daily, have it in scheduled. Both DD-WRT and Tomato firmware options have timed reboot options where you can set it anytime you want.

  • Replace antenna to improve the wireless signal. In my case, this works a couple of time, without needing to buy a new device.
  • Disable older wireless protocols. The fastest protocols, in order of fastest to slowest, are ac > n > g > b. I would disable the slowest ones.
  • Change the channel width. The wider the width, the more that older devices on older protocols will suffer from interference.
  • Update firmware. I am sure most of us does this. Make sure the router is always running the latest software and firmware from the manufacturer.
  • Experiment the router location. Solid concrete walls are notoriously hard for a wireless connection to pass through.
  • Optimize channel settings. There are plenty of free tools that’ll scan your local airwaves for the channels with the least interference. They will then suggest which channel you should switch to.
  • Switch to different band. With a dual- or tri-band router, you’ll have the capability of separating them to maximize speeds.
  • And the last one is, regularly change the network SSID and keyword. You will never know someone could manage to break into your network.