World Backup Day

The World Backup Day is coming by next week, or on the 31st of March to be exact. Originated by the guys at the Reddit group in 2011, World Backup Day is a global reminder for businesses, organizations, and individuals to secure their data by creating and keeping backup copies.

World Backup Day is celebrated annually on March 31, the day before April Fool’s Day. The idea is to remind us that we would be fools not to backup our data. World Backup Day has developed into a widely observed holiday with yearly discussions on the significance of backups, and exclusive offers from numerous hardware and software vendors to commemorate the event and encourage data safety.

But despite the publicity, the message hasn’t gotten through to everyone. A report by risk management firm Code42 revealed that 42% of companies surveyed feel data is less secure than it was pre-pandemic, and 71% of respondents are concerned about sensitive data saved on local machines, hard drives, and cloud storage services.

Source : Cyber Ready

Another great source : Official World Backup Day.